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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Swallow your ego pride and let your Spirit live. This is the time to Breathe into your Soul and pull out the Life you were meant to live.

We have been here in a chronological age according to humanity, your Soul is way older than this human age. This is not your Real Self.

Your Real Self is a Soul that is thousands of years old. We are Eternal. Your Soul has Memory and Mastery, use it. You have the Knowledge and Power to do so.

Sit in Silence and go Within. Your Soul’s Blue Print is in alignment to the Divine. You are wired according to Heaven and not this beautiful planet.

You are a guest here, remember that. You are a StarSeed, WayShower, LightWorker, Light Warrior placed here according to the Ascension Process you signed up for. Mother Earth could definitely use your Love and Light.


GOD Loves You!

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