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Full Wolf Moon in Leo today, is opposite the Aquarius Sun; first Full Moon in 2021. (2:17PM EST) Leo is a fixed Royal Sign and is ruled by our actual Sun, which is a Star. Leo is also Powerful, Enthusiastic, Loving and Creative.

This Energy here this day is alive with Passion, Creativity and Enthusiasm for your Soul’s Destiny. Your fulfillment of it, allows you to walk in Confidence.

Leo’s Fire will have you moving forward with your Soul’s Purpose and goals with this Full Moon Energy. As this Fire builds, you’ll take Action.

Your world may shake up a bit here, as Taurus (Earth sign) is in a T Square with Uranus and Mars. Your inside and outside world will crack open, where it was previously stuck.

Jupiter is also merged with the Sun here, so expect Expansion of whatever you focus on. Look to Focus on your future with great Passion and Creativity, it will expand.

Full Moons Illuminate our Soul. We are Full of fresh Love and Fresh Light. It’s best to use this Transformational Energy in a Positive direction, since the opposite can occur if you’re not careful about your intent.

Full Moons can bring about a culmination, manifestation, or a reveal in the area of life in which it occurs for you. This Full Moon is Activating the major Stellium in Aquarius (3 or more planets in 1 sign) we’ve been experiencing this since the beginning of the year.

We are being asked to Surrender our old structures and break through to the Newness of our Reality shift, steering your Self to positive growth. You will be a pioneer in your own transformation.


GOD Loves You!

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