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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Take a nice full deep breath into your Soul. Full moon in Gemini with a Lunar Eclipse. Lots of nervous Energy here. Breathe in full and deep.

Look deep in your Soul, notice things will be leaving you. What was illusional and dark, shadow, will be moved into Light.

Clearing your mind and letting the Divine Mind take over. New neural Divine pathways to bring you back to TRUTH. Better vision ahead.

Truth must be what you are and see. Let go of the past and old emotions that keep your Energy held back. See your Full Potential going forward.

Going back to your Divine Self. Let your old beliefs go, this Energy actually started in May. Your Truth must come forward. The subconscious beliefs and illusions will come up for you to release them.

Use Prayer and Gratitude to channel the nervous Energy of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, into a positive action in service. Look to change and shift what you can. Change will be big NOW.

Spiritual Holistic Services:

Intuitive, Mystic, Coach,Teacher, Author.

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