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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Show constant Love of the Divine, of GOD. Let your Vibration soar through the Universe. Let this be what ripples from you into the Universe.

Be that sound in your Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul. Fill your Self with Compassion for your Self, for others, for your family, for animals, for your day and for your life.

Be the Guiding Light for those still confused on what’s happening, for this confused about what an Awakening is, for those confused about the virus.

Fear can take you down, shift your Vibration and point you in a direction you did not intend. This is why it’s necessary to keep your Vibration high.

The Collective, the masses, are in a small crisis per say. The Timeline is in a PAUSE , as the Collective gains more grounding upon their Soul’s Awakening on this Beloved Mother Earth.


GOD Loves You!

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