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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Let me sparkle and sprinkle my Divine Light wherever I can. For those, and there are many, who seek their Divinity but are unsure where and what that is ...

Your Soul lives and thrives in Truth, it lives a completely different path than the ego. It isn’t searching for anything, it knows it’s Worth.

Feel it, catch it, moving in Grace, your Soul ignites it’s Holy place. Let the dawn of this New Beginning come upon your Soul in a wondrous way.

Heaven breathes in and out of every living Soul; some know this, others don’t think about it. Heaven is alive in every single cell of your human body vessel.

Sit quietly, if even for only 5 minutes. Count your Divine Blessings, because that’s what each one is.

Look on the bright side of everything and every bright side will be looking right back at you.


GOD Loves You!

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