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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

This is a Day which we Celebrate Love with Gratitude. Who we’re Grateful for and we express it, we show it, we feel it, we know it, they know it.

Love is Patient. Love is Kind. It Bears all things. It Believes all things. It Hopes all things. It Endures all things. Love never fails. (1 Corinthians)

This is a Day we remember a lot of big and small things. A Day we slow down to be with the One our Heart chose.

Love brings us home every night and wakes us up every morning. Love holds the family together in big and small ways. Love lights your Heart and fills your Soul.

Love was here long before we were. Love opened our eyes and saturated our Hearts. Love took us by a magical surprise.

It’s during these times of Shifting, that the Divine’s Love is even stronger. We are doing some awesome hard work here. The Divine knows Love is what is holding us all together.

Love calls us out in a dynamically mystical way. We are Love. Its strength is what’s moving us along this Spiritual Path.

We are, in Truth, Unconditional Love. Once we learn that and understand that, the more We will Shift to that.

What you Focus on, you become. What you attract, you become.

What your Frequency is, you become.

“While there is life, there is Hope.”

Dr. Stephen Hawking

♥️Happy Valentine’s Day♥️


GOD Loves You!

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