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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

As you Expand, as you Grow, you will witness a phenomenon which I term as ‘Consciousness in Action’. This is your Growth Potential at work every moment in your life.

As you step up to the plate more in your Soul Empowerment, a phenomenon between you and the Universe begins to activate.

You actually start to begin to recognize your world and life are Changing for the better. Betterment begins to happen all around you, it’s an Energy you continue to attract.

Go about your life and day, each moment is a Consciousness Energy Activation revealing more and more of your Authentic Self. Your Soul will surface right on time.

You will begin to show up for you. You will begin to notice ALL Moments, not just the big ones. This is an Awareness that’s taking hold of the planet in a Beautiful, Benevolent way.


GOD Loves You!

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