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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Full Moon in Virgo at 3:17am EST. Moon Energy highlights what needs to be aligned. What’s been standing out where you need to change?

Feel the rhythm of your life. Are you noticing where you feel you’re rebelling? What’s calling you out to shift, purify and cleanse?

You’ll feel like you’re being broken apart, while knowing you need to maintain some form of structure in your life. You don’t want to be doing things haphazardly.

Spiritual Purity at a high level with devotion, is calling you in this Full Moon in Virgo. Your Soul is calling to Free its Self through healing and clearing for Divine Purity and devotion.

Time to Align and Purify our body and mind, Spiritually. New body cleansing and detoxing, releasing old ways, clearing negative thought loops, home clearing, diet shift, develop another Spiritual way for devotion.

What ever your Spiritual Divine Inspiration is, follow it ...


GOD Loves You!

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