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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

Be in your Divine Self at all times. This Frequency and Vibration lifts you to Heaven. Your Core is only Divine Love and Divine Light Energy. Recognize this.

When you have Self Realization, “All things are Possible with GOD” , becomes your reality. This is key when you know who you are at Soul level.

Everyday make a Conscious Choice and increase the Connective wiring between you and Heaven. Send Energy to strengthen that wiring.

You are made in the image, likeness and Holiness of GOD, Creator, Source, Universe. Those stars up above are the same as the Starseeds down below. As above, So below.

We must recognize that we are born at Soul level. Here, there is conditioned, illusionary reality that we must snap out of. Your Soul is always present


GOD Loves You!

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