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Divine Path... Sacred Love...

It’s always best to use our Soul’s Sacred Wisdom and our Guides, who’ve been assigned by the Divine, GOD, Source, Universe.

We are not alone, we’re never alone actually. Your human Perception may be in your way when it comes to who, if anybody or anything is around you.

Be Open to your Soul. Be Open to your Guides. Be Open to Angels. Be receptive with the Energy around you and also have discernment.

Practicing discernment is a big deal. You must discern what Energy is around you. This is important because certain Energies can drain you and certain Energies can enhance you.

When you know what’s around you, you can discern if it belongs there or not. You can do an Auric Clearing to really clean it up, this removes unwanted things from your field.


GOD Loves You!

🥳Happy 3rd Birthday Juliette 🎂


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