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Full Moon in Cancer …

Full Moon in Cancer first Full Moon of 2022. Cancer is a nurturing Energy and needs to also feel safe, protected, belonging and secure.

Much old Energy is being Purged, allowing for Renewal. Awakened individuals will feel a Rebirth coming on, this Energy is being supported at this time. More Empowered Choices coming with Confidence.

This is also a time of Spiritual Service where our Destiny is securing itself into place with total support. Many will now begin to recognize ‘We are All ONE’ , Union, and We are All coming from the same Divine Source. Illusions will be more faded out, things become Clearer.

Much Transformation will be going on with this Full Moon in Cancer for both individuals and the collective. Things have been moving in this direction since the New Moon on January 2nd.

Under the glowing illumination of the Full Moon, our Values again, should be looked at with your Heart Energy. All Relationships are also under illumination here. Release negative thoughts about your Self, Self Love is necessary.

Your decision with deep introspection and discernment to really Shift and Change from old Limiting Beliefs, is on the forefront of opportunity here. Or you’ll end up staying partially with your old self and struggle. Follow your Intuition as to where you need to be.

Self Healing, Self Love, Self Care are evolving into mainstream through patterns coming in. Divine Feminine Energy is organically showing up.

GOD Loves You!


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