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♥️Happy Valentine’s Day!♥️

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

♥️LOVE … it’s all about Love. We are on a Journey of Love, not just today but everyday. We need to Feel Love, we need to Give Love, we need to Receive Love.

This is the time on our Journey to notice the calling of the Divine Feminine in each of us. The Divine Feminine is the Love from Within that is coming from each of us, to each of us.

The Divine Masculine is being moved away from the forefront of our Journey. It’s the outside part of you that has been leading most Journey’s in the ‘1’ years; meaning the thousand years of ‘1’ energy from year 1000 - 1999, before we hit the year 2000.

The number ‘2’ represents the Divine Feminine. The Intuitive, the Mystic, the Peaceful Being of Love and Compassion. We will All experience this Divine Feminine Energy, doesn’t matter if you’re a male or a female.

So Feel LOVE today in its Full Power. Let Love sweep through your Heart and Soul. Share this Love from Within, with others. We are here to Love one another, the same way GOD, Divine Source Loves You. LOVE is essential.

💞♥️Happy Valentine’s Day!♥️💞

GOD Loves You!


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♥️Happy Valentine’s Day!♥️

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