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New Moon in Scorpio 11/15/20

New Moon in Scorpio, this will be a spectacular Moon cycle. With the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, as Jupiter moves in between the other two, the Saturn - Pluto partnership has been active since January, it has been working in a transformation of society as a whole.

There will be a structural transformation for each of us as an individual and the entire Collective as a whole.

This will be a time to Go Within, connect to Nature, find a path of Natural Law and reassemble your Self on the road to a Moral Path. Going into your Higher Self in the “RIGHT” way, right action, wise decisions and follow Spiritual Laws.

Time now to follow our Inner Divine Self. Navigate our Self in Natural Law that’s arising from Within and discern it with Spiritual aspects.

Rise above your hardships and difficulties. Build a better character, don’t render your Self helpless. Empower your Self from Within, with your Sacred Divine Self as it emerges.

WE must move NOW into our Spiritual Evolution, even beyond it. WE will rise up from our own surroundings, as the Self has been rebuilt from Within, with its own Sacred Structure.

WE will follow our Sacred mission. WE will follow Spiritual Law. WE Will Holy Listen to the Stillness of the Sacred Voice Within.

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