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Soul Transformation 10/12/20

As WE embody Higher Frequencies in our body’s, WE are able to see things in a Higher way. Your reality will Shift, Change occurs from this higher frequency dimensional lens.

WE now will see things differently, WE will respond differently, WE will look for resolution instead of conflict, WE will have more Understanding, WE will be more compassionate.

All those around us may not be right where WE are. They may not understand what WE are doing or why WE are the way WE are. They may not be Awakening and Aware at all.

Some in the Collective will not choose to step into Higher States of Consciousness, they will not be able to see or comprehend You, Me, WE at all.

Remember WE All are holding a Frequency in our body, whether others are Awake or not. Neither is right or wrong, Good or bad; this is Multidimensionality reality.

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