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Soul Transformation 10/14/20

Remember our body is actually in a 3D field of Consciousness to experience... WE witness much here in this form. So many things are happening here, YES WE are Ascending.

Many parts of our Self has already tapped into 5D. WE witness here a field of Love, Peace, Joy, Gratitude, Freedom, Grace, Unity, Expansion... even though the body is anchored into 3D.

WE are in a Quantum Field with ALL these aspects happening in us NOW. So WE see our Power Choice here, to step into 5D Consciousness in our NOW MOMENTS.

Shift your view of your Self. Shift your view of others. Keep your perception on 5D Consciousnesses, they are the Authentic Soul Power WE can claim whenever...

So the more You use your Soul Power of Choice as 5D Consciousnesses, the faster others Feel this Energy Consciousness and Shift.

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