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Soul Transformation 10/16/20

New Moon in Libra. The Royal Star of the Lion. We have the calmness of Libra mixing with the Courage of Lion Energy creating a balanced life of the Divine Feminine with the Sacred Masculine. Libra is all about balance. ‘16’ as a number is all about radical shifts.

There is a huge Conjunct, (represents beginnings) between Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter, an actual Stellium arises in Capricorn here; this has not happened in 4000 years.

New Moons are a fresh start, like pressing the RESET button. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto is really TRANSFORMATION. This is a New decade of Great TRANSFORMATION.

New Moon, New Earth, New Human filled with lots of strong Intuition. Being Free, Conscious and Present will be extremely helpful at this time, allows for clearer navigation.

Venus rules Libra, Libra rules the Divine Feminine. Mars rules the Sacred Masculine, Mars is currently in Retrograde, reminding us the Sacred Masculine has not been so Sacred.

Venus is opposite Neptune, which comes into the picture with Unconditional Love bringing our Spiritual Awakening aspect into balance as well.

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