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Soul Transformation 10/19/20

Your physical body is very dynamic, made completely by GOD, Divine, Source, Universe. It is a Source of Divine Intelligence, WE just forgot how to use it...

Your body can pull low frequency Light and Alchemize it into High Frequency Light. Your Choice stepping into Higher Consciousness makes this Alchemization happen or not.

Use your Soul and Body POWER as Warriors of Light. The body functions automatically like this, Alchemizing Light, depends on you choosing Higher Consciousness.

Your Body is Divine. It has Innate Intelligence. It’s function is far more than what WE choose to use it for. Many people don’t pay attention to their body’s, they just live in them.

In your NOW Awake Moments realize what you’re doing. Remember Life, your Journey, will have many up and down moments. Go with the Flow. It’s All Good.

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