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Soul Transformation 10/20/20

Embrace what moves through you, even if it’s low frequency; for this is when you Choose a Higher State of Consciousness. Doing this allows the Higher Consciousness Light to go into the Collective.

WE are Consciously Ascending. Some are having life disruptions that are necessary for Change and Alignment of their Soul. Allow your Self, your Soul, to BE.

Your Physical Body is extremely strong. It has been preparing for this Shift for centuries. It is designed to Alchemize Light Frequency.

WE carry so much Soul Power. WE do not realize the depth of who WE are. WE’ve not really ever tapped into our Soul Power in this lifetime.

Choosing to Be Higher Consciousness CHANGES everything. This Shifts You and All of Humanity. Once you realize this Divine Power in Choice, you’ll Choose the High Road.

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