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Soul Transformation 10/23/20

Keep your Heart Center Open. Let all of your Divine Love shine as bright as you can. As StarSeeds, Light Workers, Energy Workers, WayShowers it’s our duty to bring more Love & Light to this beloved planet.

Self Love and Self Care are your highest priorities. Try not to beat your Self up and disturb the Energy with false allegations against your Self; this sends out the wrong message.

Compassion on your Human Journey is essential. You need it for your Self, you need it for All of Humanity. Look at things with an Open Heart, leave room to expand and grow.

Tune out the dark voices. Tune out the dark fears. Tune into your Divine Light, your Divine Love. Many things will fall into place as you set the Higher Frequency Consciousness into place.

Allow the Now Moments to happen, Feel what you need to Feel, Alchemization is occurring. Shine your Light, Light Warriors. Be courageous and walk your Path.

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