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Soul Transformation 10/24/20

Those of us Awake and those Awakening, are the only ones who can actually Shift Human Reality.

WE are here, this is why WE came; to shine our Love & Light.

Many different timelines are present at once, the most destructive we’ve passed already and never attached to it. WE will see more timelines, doesn’t mean they will be our actual Reality.

WE, as part of Humanity, carry the currency, the Frequency to jump out of any timeline. WE don’t realize our Powers and Abilities.

WE must understand that this is exactly what we’re doing. This ability allows us to create the best Reality for the Human Collective. As more climb aboard and understand this, the more WE will Shift.

Hold the Higher Light, as the fear based 3D reality slips away, WE will claim our Self Anew. Millions will fill the Higher Consciousness timeline, as the other timelines will simply collapse, fall away.

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