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Soul Transformation 10/27/20

WE are in a very High Frequency Portal right NOW. WE are Receiving this High Frequency Light right into our Divine Soul Body.

The Portals always allow us to be closer to our Guides, they are much more accessible in Portals. Your Family of Light, Galactical Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters, your own personal Guides so reach out.

Your Guides are always present, Angels, Ascended Masters, they’re here. You must settle into Holy Silence, tranquility in your body. Breathe in full and deep and call them in.

Have Faith and Trust, with no expectation or attachment when calling your Guides in. Deeply Trust from within your Heart and know this is possible. Breathe.

Feel around your Self for your Guides presence. Feel this space, recognize this Sacred space. Go into this space whenever you need communication with your Guides.

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