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Soul Transformation 10/30/20

Let’s connect to our Guides. When you have time please connect with them. Find a comfortable space. Sit or lay down. Close your eyes. Breathe in full and deep. Exhale what is no longer serving you.

Just be in this present moment space. Relax. Breathe into your beloved body. Open your crown (7th) Chakra by saying I’m opening up my crown chakra.

With this calming energy Breathe in, Call in your Guides. Invite them in. Be grateful they’re there. Continue Breathing in a relaxing state. Calling in Mother Father GOD, Angels, Galactical Beings, Star Family, Ascended Masters, your personal guides supporting you now.

Remain in this very relaxing state. Continue connecting with your breath into your body. Have Faith, Trust and Know they are right there, because they are. You would not have gotten this far on your Journey without them. You are Divinely connected and they keep you safe in your surroundings.

Please don’t listen to the voice of your ego telling you this is not happening, you’re not feeling anything, you’re not seeing anything, you’re not experiencing everything. Come back to your Breath and breathe, Trust and just FEEL. They are there. Breathe.

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