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Soul Transformation 10/31/20

Full Moon in Taurus Oct 31 will actually be a Blue Moon, the second Full Moon of the month. 10:49am EST. Uranus and the Moon are conjunct here.

It’s a Full Moon Manifesting creation of drawing to you what you desire into the physical. It’s also a subconscious energy, showing the shadow within.

It’s Illuminating as Full and bright, something that’s coming into Focus that you couldn’t see in the dark phases. You’ll be able to see what you need to let go of, as Full Moons let go of Energy.

Uranus’ Energy is the Age of Aquarius, removing structures from our lives, removing old ways of being, breaking patterns, generational energy. It’s also a deeper illumination of breakthroughs.

You will become Aware of something here through shadow, through a person, through red flags. Uranus carries the Energy of the GOD mind, it’s bringing you into Awareness.

Shadow work coming up here. You’ll be able to integrate parts of you that are now illuminating, as Uranus is really shining in this Full Moon illumination. Re-examining, re- evaluating energy here.

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