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Soul Transformation 10/5/20

WE have moved through a rough timeline. WE have some bumps and rocks to get over yet but WE sailed past worst timelines to claim our Self anew.

Remain as much as you can in your Heart with LOVE of Self, Love of others, Love of GOD. Compassion and passion are driving force Energies, use them every chance you get and live in them 24/7.

WE always have a Choice to choose Love and Compassion. Are you Choosing them often? WE all have a chance to see opportunities of giving more Love, Be Open to them.

WE have the choice of shifting and choosing to go into and remain in Higher Consciousness, our body’s have shifted. WE are clearing anger, separation, fear, rage, anxiety, frustration, stress, many lower consciousness states are shifting.

We are clearing them but WE can not send them back out into the Collective, into Humanity. WE can send our Love, Compassion, Joy, Understanding, Grace, Wisdom, Light, Peace

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