• Susan G. Chamberlain,PhD.

Soul Transformation 11/1/20

WE are being called to Pray for Humanity and Pray for Mother Earth right NOW. Put your separation differences aside, kneel and Pray.

Prayer Energy is so needed NOW. Prayer Energy shifts and changes all kinds of situations and circumstances. Prayer Energy carries Power, especially to those open to receive it.

Anyone can start and have an active Prayer life. It is highly recommended during these tumultuous times of challenges and changes.

Prayer does not require a written dialogue. Prayer is a current of Sacred Energy running through your Divine Heart for those you know and Love and for those you don’t. GOD, Source, Divine Presence is for one and ALL.

Open your Sacred Heart and deliver it’s poems of Love to GOD and Humanity. Does anyone ever say, “Dear GOD...” ? There are 9 billion people here, how many Write HIM, write HOME?

Dear GOD, Source, “Thank you”; “I Love You” is sometimes all it takes. Open your Sacred Heart.

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Our Mother Earth is one of our biggest Nurturers. This opens us up to Her Divinity, She is as Alive as we are. We are regaining that connection. Connectedness and Unity brings us to our Natural Realm.

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