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Soul Transformation 11/13/20

Intense Divine Light Frequency has come down allowing you to Feel it and Hold it. Are you able to handle the Intense Light? Higher Consciousness?

WE are High Frequency, our Human Vessel needs to be able to Hold this Higher Light Frequency.

WE are being assisted by many Light Beings.

Feel this Higher Light in your Body. Settle into it. This will be your New State of Being, out of 3D duality into much Higher ways of Being, Doing and Having.

Walk your Truth Path. This is certainly Divine Timing of Higher Light Frequency. You are being called to go Within and BE your Authentic Self.

Close your eyes and Breathe this in. Go Within. Claim your Truth. Claim your Higher Self. Feel this. Sit in it. Be in a Blissful State. Smile in your Heart.

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