• Susan G. Chamberlain,PhD.

Soul Transformation 11/14/20

Remove your Self from your surroundings in a meditative way.

Close your eyes, go deep inside. Holy Listen for your Inner voice, it will guide you.

There is an Energy running through the Collective, that you’re not in. StarSeeds, Energy Workers, Light Workers, WayShowers are Aware and Awake in a Higher Consciousness.

Don’t drop to lower Frequencies to fit in. Your Energy field, on a daily basis, is being sent Divine Light. There are a tremendous amount of Light Beings all around you to assist you.

Be in Oneness Within your Self. Begin to take more notice of your sensitivities. Notice how much more you’re able to perceive things about your Self and situations.

Feel the Crystalline filling your Spine. Know that each day your carbon matter frame is accommodating the Higher Light Frequencies. Your body is shifting each day into more Light.


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