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Soul Transformation 11/16/20

WE are going back into our Unity, our Oneness, our Divine Self. Our natural state and way of Being is our resulting, Self Realization SELF.

WE have waited centuries for this to take place, for this to take hold. The challenge of lowering our Vibration and raising it back to its Divinity, has taken place.

WE have transformed our Self, our Life, our Journey from Within. Our TRUTH speaks louder than any words, than any unHoly doctrines, than any man ever could.

Follow your Self from Within, that Stillness of the subtle Voice from Within, is your Holiness, your Sacred Self. This is how GOD, Source, Universe created You.

Pray and Meditate daily on your own behalf and then for others. Rise up from your own life’s ashes. YOU are the Divine Hero Journey.

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