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Soul Transformation 11/3/20

As you begin this day call your Self into Prayer with the Divine. Collect your Heart strings and the attachments you’ve made to them.

Ask for forgiveness and pardon in anything that has gone on that is not Truth. Have a day where you offend no one and spread Peace and Love.

Open to your Holy Essence with the Divine. Collect your thoughts and diminish them into Holy Silence. Let the Voice of GOD, Source, Divine be what you hear from this day forward.

Sit with your Holy Angels in Divine Union. Send Prayers to those in charge, that decisions be made for the Good of All. May the Good of All rise this Day in direct Communication with the Truth of what truly matters for All.

May the direction of this nation and all its Souls be Guided by Divine forces. May the outcome be the best for One and All. May the state of the world be forever engulfed and embraced, enchanted and delighted in the One Union of our Divinity in the Highest Light and Truth

of Love.

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