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Soul Transformation 11/4/20

Heading directly into the Light of Love, let your Heart sing in radiant joy of the Divine messenger. Let that Angel be the swift change WE welcome on this planet. Be Guided always by the Divine, the Oneness of us All. The Creator of All that is and will be directs your Soul each day. Are you Listening and Following that subtle voice? Look to Heaven’s Love and Light. Look to the Higher Consciousness of your Soul, there is Divine Guidance pouring in at every moment. Many have shut this off listening to the ego. Walk in your Soul’s Grace. Let your Sacred Heart lead your way. Anything that arises that is less than Love, can not register in your body, mind, spirit or soul.

Walk in your Light, this diminishes the fear narratives that cycle through your mind throughout the day and night. Look to your High Power to pull you through. Focus Higher at All times.

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