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Soul Transformation 11/5/20

Allow the High Frequency Light and Love that’s all around you to enter into you. Give permission to these High Frequency Energies an invitation to enter.

Bathe your Self in these High Frequencies. Let this Liquid Light pour down your crown chakra. Let it enter into your spine. Let it nourish All your organs, your cells, your bones, your blood. Breathe.

There are many High Frequency Light Beings all around you, let them Guide you, Feel their Presence. Give them permission to Guide your path.

Open your Sacred Heart to Love your Self, to Love others, to Love your neighbor and to Love GOD, Source, Divine, Higher Power. Sprinkle this Love wherever you go. Let it ripple out into the Universe.

Breathe in deep and full to begin your day. You may Feel the resistance of your ego and the collective. Continue in your persistence in the Higher Frequencies, they will pull you forward. Trust and Believe.

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