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Soul Transformation 11/7/20

Notice the PAUSE in the Political Collective, with the massive Consciousness Shift. What’s really happening here? What do you feel? What do you see? What do you perceive?

In the 3D world it appears to be an election, covid, vaccines, 2 people, division, separation. WE are removing our SELF from a 3D matrix. Stand in your Soul’s knowingness.

Be Aware. Be alert. Be in Observance. Navigate this time with your Soul’s perception and intuition. Stay in the Higher Frequencies of Love and Light.

Pay attention to how and to where you Focus your Love and Light. Darkness will want you to be in an emotional turmoil, battle with each other, as you try and choose sides.

Darkness is trying to control and manipulate us here. WE Collectively are really feeling the same things. The Willingness to shift into more Love, more Peace, more Joy, more Positivity, more Freedom, more Unity, more Oneness.

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