• Susan G. Chamberlain,PhD.

Soul Transformation 11/8/20

Both sides, per say, of the Collective political upheaval are actually moving in the same Higher Consciousness direction.

Both sides, per say, are looking for the same outcome no matter who’s leading.

Quieting the narrative behind the scenes pulls the Collective toward Higher Consciousness States, Love, Peace, Joy, Freedom, Unity. This is what WE want, this is what’s needed.

As you stand in your Soul’s Power and Divinity, the Higher States of Being are pulled into the Collective in a beautiful, benevolent way. This Guides us All into betterment for Humanity

As each Soul shines its Light for whom ever they support, that Frequency of Love is being sent out to the Collective. Millions in Humanity are producing this same action for Higher Consciousness without even realizing it. WE are Shifting.

Be in your Heart. Stay in your Heart. This Frequency is SHIFTING Humanity.


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