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Soul Transformation 11/9/20

May WE all step back, take a full deep Breath in and full deep Breath out. Release what is not serving you here in this time, let it go.

Get your Self back into balance. Sit in Holy Silence, call your Angels and Guides in. Let them surround you and totally saturate you with their LOVE and High Frequency Light.

WE are in a very intense Field of Consciousness, so do the best You can. No Self judgment, no attachment, just Freely be You. Let go and just Observe. Find Peace.

Detach from your human expectations. The Energy can be very heavy at times, BREATHE.

Free your Self from what you think or feel should be. This can be a process, feel what you need to feel, then let it go.

Stay as much as possible in your Higher Light, Higher Love, Higher Self. Remember everyone is of the Same Light, the Same Love made by the Same Creator.

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