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Soul Transformation 8/21/20

WE are moving forward into Higher Consciousness. Fear is one Consciousness that has plagued the Earth plane for centuries. The Collective is filled this low level density, it is slowly being Alchemized into Light.

Experiencing any lower Frequency Energy, like Fear, will never feel good. You’ll intuitively pick up on the Low Vibe feeling and release it, move away from it, won’t come back near it again. Alchemize this feeling and turn it into Light.

Fear Energy will pretty much shut you in to be silenced, not free, not safe, controlled, not unified, lost, alone, not able to think, moved with the crowd, no choices for you, defeated, causes worry and doubt. You can step out of this anytime you choose by claiming “I Am Safe” and Raising your Vibration.

When the Consciousness you Feel is divided you’ll feel the polarity of everything, you’ll feel separated and not know why, you’ll become angry, you’ll fill with rage, massive defensiveness of your own Self. You can step out of this anytime you choose by raising your Vibration, “I Am Light”.

**GOD Loves You!**

**Have a Day Claiming I Am Safe, I Am Light!!”




**Susan G Chamberlain**   

Spiritual Holistic Services:

Intuitive, Mystic, Coach, Teacher, Author

Soul Alchemy Transformation™

The Soul Alchemist™

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Susan G Chamberlain

Spiritual Holistic Services:

Intuitive, Mystic, Coach,Teacher, Author.

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