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Soul Transformation 9/10/20

Remember there are 2 different timelines happening simultaneously. The lower, dense frequency is the illusionary 3D, where people see fear, doubt, worry, stress, anxiety, control, manipulation.

The higher, lighter frequency is also present at this time. As we navigate our everyday, we hesitate to fully trust this higher timeline. Our 3D old paradigm timeline is being dismantled, hence it gets louder and louder.

The Light Timeline continues to build and its right here in Present Time. It’s filled with Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Free Choice, Unity, Freedom, Expansion, Wisdom, Grace, Abundance.

The chaos just continues to get louder and louder. Many things are not going to happen that have been circulating to happen like the vaccine, chemtrails, famine, 5G towers, week blackout.

There are many Light Beings on this physical planet right now, that are invisible dismantling many things. The Light Timeline has huge support on an Energetic level.

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