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Soul Transformation 9/12/20

Are you feeling many body sensations at this time? Your body at this time is Transforming. It’s shifting it’s Consciousness as we are LIVE here now, into Higher Frequencies.

Your body’s increased Vibrations are indicating the Shift and preparing you to anchor these Higher Frequency’s of Light so you’re able to hold that Higher Consciousness of Ascension.

Some sensation are rashes, exhaustion, pain, change in eating, ears ringing, diet change, nausea, dizziness, aches. These physicalities are all Ascension symptoms of the current shift.

This next phase keeps you kind of dormant, sort of to your Self taking a break from who you are and calibrating back to the way your Soul is wired. It’s a pause period.

There is a change coming about, it’s calling you Within to change aspects about your Self, what your ego kind of chose; the Soul now kind of takes over your Journey in a Resting state.

Quiet Pause State now, no motivation, no drive.Life changing things are going to happen. This is an Energetic pause before 2021, which is the year of disclosure.

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