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Soul Transformation 9/13/20

The Quietude you’re in, is Divine Timing. Getting your energetics ready for the adventurous journey ahead. This is a preparatory stage, a well needed gestation period.

Your body needs to Energetically get ready. To. energetically be aligned for what’s coming up in 2021. This whole year is really seeing with Clear Vision, letting go of what’s no longer serving, seeing the New Earth Energy Way.

WE spent 2020 having All the Old Energy, old Low Density Consciousnesses come up, come forward. All old programs, old paradigms, old events, old manipulation and control, old people and places, medical science issues, environmental issues, political issues, school issues...

So much preparation has been Energetically going on behind the Old Way Systems, that’s pushing them up and out. These old Consciousnesses have to be purged to move forward to 2021.

You, your body, must be ready to receive the fullness of 2021. This preparation is so that you’re able to handle what is being told to you, what’s being DISCLOSED to you about what’s in all the conspiracy theories.

You need to be able to handle that Energetically, massive amounts of manipulation, control, lying, trafficking, false news...

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