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Soul Transformation 9/14/20

WE, as Light Workers, Energy Workers, Light Warriors, WayShowers, StarSeeds have to Energetically prepared, holding Higher Frequencies, forever what’s behind the veil in 2021.

WE, are All here for this dynamic purpose. WE, need to be ready and prepared. WE, signed up for this, knowing this Shift would be both challenging and huge to undertake.

WE, have lived in the illusionary 3D long enough and WE were used to that old Energy. NOW, WE, will be on the FRONTLINE in 2021, realizing the 3D doesn’t matter, especially in the Present Moment of 2021.

WE, must be able to hold the Higher States of Consciousness in our body’s. WE, must be able to assist Humanity in this Massive Shift, as they move through it.

WE, also need to have Compassion for our Self, as WE, move through it and navigate the Frontline. Remember, wherever you are, whatever you’re going through, is designed for your Preparation of 2021, there are no accidents or mistakes.

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