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Soul Transformation 9/15/20

Light Workers, Energy Workers, WayShowers, Light Warriors, StarSeeds feel more comfortable in your human skin. There is massive Energetic support here.

High Frequency Light is being poured in by the Divine, take a moment how to say Thank you.

Honor your Self, honor your Journey, honor others, honor animals, honor the environment.

WE, are totally engulfed in this Massive Higher Light Frequency. WE are being supersaturated by this Higher Light. Allow, Surrender into this Light; it’s dismantling many things.

Remember our physicality is just one part of us. WE live in a vast Universe of Energy. WE are Higher Consciousness Energy in reality, so WE are Light.

How have you been Feeling these last few day’s? Take notice of your Self, your body. What’s been happening? What have you been noticing about You and your body?

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