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Soul Transformation 9/16/20

StarSeeds, Earth Angels, Light Workers, Energy Workers, WayShowers breathe in full and deep. Allow your breath to touch your toes, let it wash over your body.

Give your Self a moment to bathe in the High Frequency Light that’s coming in. Really stop for several moments during the day and night, to allow the Transmission of this Higher Light.

Heaven on Earth is occurring in these Now Moments, as this High Frequency Light Coke’s in. It’s your choice to believe this or not, though there is much dismantling.

Where will you stand?

Everything of the old must be taken down, dismantled, unplugged from the circuits. The Dark must dissolve, it can not be left there as WE create Heaven on Earth.

Light is really taking over NOW. Everyone has Light shining on them and through them. Many Hearts are opening, Consciousness is raising even in the Collective.

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