• Susan G. Chamberlain,PhD.

Soul Transformation 9/21/20

Can you feel the more Intense Energy that’s coming up now? Feels like it’s all around you, in front, on both sides, in back, over and under you.

Many Energetic things are gathering around you to assist you on your journey, your path. Many things may be coming up for you in this gathering, some you know about, some you do not.

Who are You? You may be questioning your Self now as well? What do you believe? What do you not? What is your Truth? What is not? Where should you be now? What should you say now? Where is your anchoring point?

Remember to be KIND, no matter what. Kindness keeps things at a neutral stance. So many energies are surrounding you at this time. The Collective is feeling this as well, they may react as well as you may react.

As this Energy moves around you, you end up in a crossroads. How do you process this feeling? This Energy moving about? Are you projecting onto others? This is All New to everyone, WE are in this together.


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