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Soul Transformation 9/23/20

WE will get the through this intense shift with Higher Consciousness, you must be patient. The Divine is here, Divine Timing is right on time. Hold your Center Light Worker.

StarSeeds, Energy Workers, Light Workers, WayShowers keep your FOCUS in the NOW, Present Moment with the Knowingness that WE are Divine Beings and All of us will get through this.

Be Wise. Be Present. Be Aware. Keep your focus moving the Energy forward, as you anchor your Self in 5D knowingly. WE got this. Be Positive. Be Present.

Realize Light Beings, that there is much fear out there. It will be coming at you from many different directions. You must keep your FOCUS on 5D Enlightenment, not any of the fear statements that come at you.

Don’t go backwards into the old 3D paradigm programming. No matter what happens, Trust in the Divine Knowingness, that WE are all in 5D and others are catching up.

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