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Soul Transformation 9/24/20

Please pay attention Light Beings, don’t get involved in all the fear stories going around. Keep your Belief and Knowingness in/with your Soul’s Core Truth.

Illusions disappear once they are brought to TRUTH. You can not believe in fear and be in Truth, total contradiction and totally incongruent.

Be Wise to what’s going past you in stories and narratives. Fear is opposite LOVE. Fear is separation, doubt, worry, anxiety, depression, illusion, ego, corruption, control...

Remember there are simultaneous timelines occurring. The Collective is based in 3D fear ego vibration. Light Beings are standing in 5D Conscious Vibration mostly, as some are teetering between the 2.

WE as Higher Consciousness Beings can hold the Vibration for the Collective, as long as WE stand in our Soul’s Truth and Power. Your Knowingness of this 5D Shift as being complete brings the Energy forward for All.

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