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Soul Transformation 9/25/20

WE are moving forward through all the chaos, body ache, low consciousness, suffering, pain. WE are Shifting. WE are going into 5D.

This is the biggest Shift Mother Earth has ever had. The biggest resolving of low consciousness dark energy, into Higher States of Consciousness with Higher Light Beings.

This is history being made. The Higher States of Consciousness will be Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Grace, Wisdom, Freedom, Unity, Expansion. This is where we’re going so hold on.

This is a very intense time. WE are all witnessing this shift in our own way, each of us is not having the same experience. It’s different for each of us, as our lifetimes here are not the same as everyone’s.

The 3D Consciousness group is shifting much slower than the rest of us StarSeeds, Energy Workers, Light Workers, WayShowers.

There is much in that group of low density consciousness that will not go with us. Deceit, anger, lies, fear, sex trafficking, depression, greed, doubt, worry, control, manipulation... it’s dismantling.

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