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Soul Transformation 9/26/20

The Collective has a tendency to see things and feel them, hence it makes them feel like they don’t understand what’s going on and if they can even survive it.

The Collective is moving to 5D without even realizing it. WE are All shifting. The Collective continues to see low frequency energy consciousness before them but it is dismantling as they look at it.

Keep your Focus on 5D reality, never mind the 3D that’s flashing by you. This 3D reality is going down, so don’t identify with any of it. As you witness it, it is alchemizing before your eyes.

Energetically WE are All Alchemizing the density. Massive amount of Energy is Shifting this planet and All of Humanity. WE are Warriors of Light, this is why we’re here.

The Light wins. WE will All walk into 5D, into Higher Love, Higher Light, Higher Peace, Higher Joy, Higher Wisdom, Higher Consciousness in a benevolent field.

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