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Soul Transformation 9/27/20

Remember WE are in a Quantum field, much of that shift occurred through the 1987 Harmonic Convergence and the 2012 Spiritual Multidimensional Frequency Shift.

Remember what the Multidimensional 5D Consciousness Shift actually is. WE are not leaving the planet for this Shift, WE are staying right here as our Human body shifts.

Our Physical body is holding many Frequencies at this time. WE have a baseline Frequency that continues to anchor in daily, a Higher Level of Light Consciousness.

This field around us is coming from this anchored baseline Frequency, which is creating your daily reality. This is our current Sensory Perception System in the Present Moment.

Your Sensory Perception gives you feed back of your environment, mind, body, spirit and Soul. You Sense, you respond, you react, you calmly just Be. This occurs and shifts, as the Frequency continues to go Higher.

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