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Soul Transformation 9/5/20

Awakening is a Process, going from sleeping in 3D to a 5D, going from one frequency into another frequency. You can get lost navigating back and forth.

These past 6 months have truly moved 3D Physical Collective into the Ascension Process. So it will be challenging but remember to shine your Love and Light.

WE are the pioneers of this Newness, this Shift has never happened before here on Mother Earth. We fell from our Grace, our Higher Frequency millions of years ago.

Humanity and the Earth Plane are in sync with this Ascension. WE are shifting together into Higher states of Consciousness. Once you’re Awake, you can not be asleep; you can not go backwards.

Many things will bring out your Divine Love and Compassion like never before; this would be for your Self and others.

In the meantime many systems are collapsing control, manipulation, greed, fear, mind control, chaos, abuse, lack, murder, divide, corruption, torture.

These will arise. Where will you direct, navigate your path? Many will get involved, many will not, many are Awake, many are asleep.

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