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Soul Transformation 9/6/20

There are millions of people waking up. There are many Awake choosing to divide our Oneness, choosing to point fingers, choosing to create a divide of who is right and wrong according to them.

When you Ascend, Awaken you are moving from a lower frequency, lower density, Lower State of Consciousness, to a Higher Frequency, Higher Density, a Higher State of Consciousness.


We will hold these Higher Frequencies in our body. When WE start to Awaken from sleep, unconscious WE go into an Awakening, Consciousness.

Being Consciously Awake, some of us will follow certain systems, movements, which there are thousands currently active, running through the Collective. So those Awake being attracted to one or many of these Systems, are shining Light onto these Systems.

Environment, education, banking,

sex trafficking, animal abuse, Covid, vaccines, scientific, BLM, LGBTQ, missing children, politics, artificial intelligence, religious, -These are a few of the many Systems.

When you’re asleep, unconscious, you don’t realize All the Collective Systems you’ve plugged into or are programmed into, or are attached to.

WE’ve been in a fog for thousands of years. When you Awaken, move to a Higher Consciousness Frequency, you begin to see where you’re plugged in. You then become the Observer.

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