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Soul Transformation 9/7/20

WE have been courageously Evolving, Ascending. Our State of Consciousness has been Evolving into Higher Frequencies while everything is going on. WE become Awakened Humans.

Your physical body has also been anchoring Higher Frequencies of Light, which allows us to BE in Higher States of Consciousness.

There are dense Consciousnesses around yet, you can feel them in your Self and the Collective. Human Beings actually like to hold on to old ways of being, old consciousnesses, like a program; old frequencies in the body.

WE All have the Intention of going into those Higher States of Consciousness, of being different. Our bodies have been anchoring Higher States but Humans somehow stay attached to old ways, old thoughts, old paradigms, old beliefs...

WE as Humans are so used to being the way WE were, that we actually are trying to pull that old stuff forward. This is normal for the Human experience, this is normal for any society going through an Ascension Process.

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